Network Monitoring


Not all remote monitoring programs are the same. “Remote monitoring” is a buzzword in the IT industry, and nearly every IT-support company claims to provide it. However, there are dozens of tools for this type of service, some of which work much better than others. IntegriNet uses industry standard monitoring software to ensure issues are handled quickly. Additionally, we have full-time human personnel actively monitoring the service.

Through this service we monitor:

  • Continuous assessment of server system status, including “load,” performance trends, disk health, etc.
  • Automatic notification of error events or conditions in the hard drives and other key system components.
  • Status of antivirus protection.
  • Success or failure of backup jobs.
  • Internet availability and up-time.

IntegriNet’s server monitoring service provides the following feedback, by way of alerts and reports, your IntegriNet engineers, so they are aware of concerns before they escalate. They receive information on:

  • Events that threaten the functionality or viability of your systems.
  • Weekly results of continuous monitoring (frequency can be increased or decreased according to your needs).
  • Monthly information regarding historical network/server performance.