The Benefits

  • Assigned Service Team – The same Service Engineers will be consistently working on your network. We have low turnover allowing you to have confidence in Engineers you know and recognize.
  • Reduced Hourly Rates – Working within scheduled blocks allows us to be more cost-effective, which we pass along in discounted rates.
  • Priority Response (within two hours) – If something happens outside of your normally scheduled visit, we will respond to the issue quickly.
  • Technical Partnership – We aid in planning, management of assets, and new hardware acquisition.
  • No Contract – We don’t make you sign a legally-binding contract to keep your business. We work on a month-to-month basis relying on our technical knowledge and customer service to keep clients.

What We Do

During our regularly scheduled Pro-Action visits, we first address any system issues or concerns that you or your users may have. Then, we use the balance of the time to perform the following maintenance functions:

  • Optimize the network: We monitor network operations to avoid bottlenecks and other malfunctions.
  • Optimize servers and workstations. We track the performance of the server to see that it stays healthy. To keep your system current, we advise you if there are service packs or upgrades available for your operating systems. We work with you to keep your application software up-to-date.
  • Protect the system: We help you eliminate potential holes in network security, and monitor for suspicious or unauthorized activity on the system.
  • Avoid disasters: We ensure that network backups are working effectively and see that anti-virus programs are kept up-to-date.
  • Manage assets. At your request, we can help manage your software licenses. We can also inventory the physical assets of your systems and report to you if there are unauthorized changes.
  • Additional services. If you desire, we can monitor email and/or Internet activity and report on it to you. We can also recommend ways to reduce spam.
  • We also inform you of changes in technology that could benefit and strengthen your organization.

The main benefit of our Pro-Action Program is having a team you know and trust to maintain your IT investment at its optimal state, so you have peace of mind.