Our Remote Team

IntegriNet’s Remote Services Department is located right here in the Treasure Valley. This means you won’t be talking to someone in a foreign country. We also don’t outsource our remote services, instead using our own Service Engineers. Many of our engineers are Microsoft Certified Professionals, and each is highly trained and experienced.

How it works

IntegriNet’s Remote Services can handle all computer issues as long, such as server maintenance, workstation issues, etc. Authorized users can make unlimited calls to the helpdesk for a flat monthly fee.

  1. Users can access our ticketing system through their web browser. When a ticket is submitted, the remote service engineer will receive a notification. The engineer will then reach out, via email or phone, to address the concern.
  2. Even more simply, the user can send an email to the ticketing system, which automatically creates a ticket.
  3. If you are unable to access email or internet, users can also call into the helpdesk. Calls are answered on a first come, first served basis. The remote engineer will take the information and create a ticket on your behalf.

A great benefit of the ticketing system is the ability to have record of all computer issues and to provide feedback on completed tickets, which helps us improve at serving you.