Our IT Services


Our main goal is to be proactive in our approach to your IT system. Many network support arrangements are merely reactive. Little attention is paid to the system until something is not working properly. Then a service call is made, and you wait until someone can respond. Most of the time these issues cause downtime and loss of productivity, resulting in an inability to help clients, and usually a monetary cost as well.

The opposite idea is to have a proactive approach. This is the philosophy that we use in all our work. As the idea implies, this means that we work to prevent problems before they occur. Similar to getting your oil changed regularly to maintain the life of your vehicle, or eating healthy to avoid health problems in the future, there is plenty that can be done to extend the life of your IT system and eliminate productivity killing issues. If an issue does arise, we deal with it before it becomes serious.

Our Plans

  1. Pro-Action Program – This is a month-to-month agreement where one of our qualified Service Engineers comes onsite weekly to ensure that your system is running optimally and all user needs are addressed. To learn more about what we look for, click here.
  2. Network Monitoring and Remote Services – While many prefer the onsite visits of our Service Engineers, and extra layer of protection is the remote monitoring of your network with the added ability to address issues remotely. Click here to learn more.
  3. Remote Services – Our local Remote Services Department is staffed with our own qualified Service Engineers. Each computer overseen by Remote Services is able to make unlimited calls to our Engineers to address any issue. For more information, click here.

These plans are available separately or in any combination. We can help you decide which plan will be best for your organization. Each provides exciting opportunities to get amazing service.

No Contracts

Another difference between our approach and that of our competitors, is that we do not use legally binding contracts to force our clients to stay with us. Our service agreements are month-to-month. We rely on our knowledge, experience, and customer service to maintain our clientele.